A Great Day of Sun, Sips and Tastes!

Feed Co Table and Tavern presented this delicious salmon patty with no fillers but herbs and spice! It was plated beautifully over spring greens in a vinigarette with fried maple bacon brussel sprouts- AMAZING! They then gave us a choice of a very fine craft pilsner or Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio ! What a choice!

The Terminal Brewhouse was next sitting on the upper terrace chowing down Pot Roast nachos with a flight of 4 of their very own very diverse craft beers!

Debarge Winery offering 3 supurb wine tastings of wine that rivals the West Coast and Italy with their Georgia grapes - I know its a shocker - and Im a Calofornian who lived in Italy! You must taste and see! Chardanooga is my favorite white and Labarynth is the most bold and smooth red!

Flying Squirrel was our next bite of the most delicate fried falafel ball seasoned with minty greens served in a cute box of spicy white dipping sauce- paired with a chic Strawberry, Thyme, Shrub spritzer- yum!

Conga Latin Food was our sweet spot for guava provolone empanadas, plantain chips with sauces of mango or chimichuri and a sangria taste- WOW - WE ARE HAPPY CAMPERS!